Top 5 Outdoor Spots For Your Family Portrait

When it’s time to get the family together for a unique family portrait, consider the benefits of having the shoot done outside. This is a great way to capture everyone in a special location, whether it’s the beach you all love or a park where your favourite picnics have occurred. If you’re looking to get a distinctive and personal family portrait, consider these top 5 outdoor spots.

Sun, Sand and Surf

The beach is a fantastic place for a stunning family portrait. The kids will love the chance to play on the sand and run in for a swim in between shots, creating a truly natural atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Not only is it a visually beautiful backdrop, but an enjoyable trip to the beach means that the photographer will have more of a chance to capture everyone relaxed and having fun.

Home Sweet Home

Sometimes the best locations are the ones close to the heart. Portraits within the house setting are a great way to make everyone feel relaxed and quite literally at home. Whether it’s gathering in your lounge room or venturing outside for some lovely garden shots, having your portrait done at home can be very successful. This is especially important for those that have little ones who can be upset by too much of a change to their routine. Another benefit of being home is that your family pet can easily participate in the portrait too!

Breathtaking Landscapes

While it’s tempting to organise your shoot with a sweeping, dramatic landscape in the background, just be careful that it doesn’t detract from the portrait itself. Choosing an outdoor location that is beautiful without being distracting can be difficult, so have a chat to your photographer for ideas. They will know a range of stunning locations in your area which would be perfect for a beautiful landscape shot that won’t overshadow your family portrait.

Picture Perfect in the Park

Parks are a wonderful place to have your portrait done, as not only do they look good as a backdrop but there’s plenty for everyone to do! The kids will love the swings, playgrounds and open space to burn off some of their extra energy after sitting still for their portraits. Why not pack a picnic and make it into an all-day trip out with the whole family.

Your Favourite Destinations

Taking your family to one of their favourite places makes a good start to your portrait session. Having somewhere that is associated with good memories will instantly create a happy and fun atmosphere that the photographer can capture naturally in the pictures. Consider incorporating your families favourite activities as well, if you’re going to the sports ground, take a ball and encourage an impromptu game. Sometimes the best shots are captured spontaneously!

You can have your portrait taken almost anywhere, but these are 5 of the top outdoor spots for you to consider. Always remember to liaise with your photographer, their professional opinion can really help to get the perfect family portrait that you will cherish for years to come.