How to Capture the Meaningful Photographic Elements of Los Angeles

Los Angeles as a Photography Epicenter

Los Angeles is the cultural epicenter of the West Coast. From burrows and enclaves to artistic retreats and writing rooms, the city itself has been inspiring artistic types of people since its inception. The city started with mission walls covered in mosaics, depicting historical timelines and storylines. Every generation since has contributed to the cultural wellspring. Though all types of media have taken root and excelled in Los Angeles, photography has a special place in the artistic mosaic of the city.

Aside from being beautiful, photography serves many functional purposes. Photographs tell stories that even the most beautifully written prose cannot. They document events, both human and natural. They prove that the human race was there, that this moment in history is proven to have happened. They bring parts of the world that may never be seen, otherwise, right to a person’s fingertips. They help the viewer to relate to other cultures and bring critical issues to the world stage. Since it’s beginning, photography has been a proving ground for the shared human experience.

These two forces together have created some of the most poignant and inspiring art of the century. Pictures of the tragic Los Angeles riots helped turn the tide of public opinion during the Civil Rights movement. Journalists used photography to tell the story of the growing poverty gaps. Photographs of the ocean, sprawling cityscape, and unique cultural aspects have brought Los Angeles to the world.

Photography has captured Los Angeles like no other artistic medium has and to truly capture the essence of the city, it helps to find a professional photographer to create the magic. It also helps to understand who the truly creative photographers are, to understand the art itself and what is involved in creating the combination of photography and what Los Angeles has to offer. Yes, a person can capture Los Angeles with a smartphone camera, but there is another layer of beauty that can be reached with photography and capturing that point in time.

Photography has presented the natural splendor of Southern California, the Pacific Ocean, the beaches, and the rolling slopes that lead to the “Valley.” (Note, there are many valleys in the greater Los Angeles area, but thinking in terms of the 1980s and “the valley girl” is the reference here).

Photography has shown Compton, the riots, and gangs that have simultaneously destroyed and created parts of the city, in the positive aspects of cultural camaraderie. Paparazzi have made photography synonymous with big cash and big names in Los Angeles. Nitty gritty, beautiful, flawed, cultured LA. That is what photography has brought to the world when it comes to LA (and other locations).

This wonderful coastal city brings a multitude of cultures together and does it with local color, art, and no small amount Joie de Vivre. Photography brings this wonderful mess to life with proof and documentation that helps even non-residents feel like part of what is going on in this famous and multi-faceted city.

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